Taking Care of Your Smile in Switzerland, Where Quality Meets Care!

Our Story

Our Story

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Dr. Alexander Biohard


Back in 2005, in the heart of Switzerland, the talented dentist Dr. Alexander Biohard created BiodentMyanma with one goal - to transform smiles and provide outstanding dental health care. His passion for advanced treatments and patient care became the foundation of the clinic. Over the years, BiodentMyanma has grown to become the best dental clinic in the region, attracting the attention and trust of patients.

The clinic has become a place where professionalism and innovation meet. Each doctor on the BiodentMyanma team is an expert in their field, ready to offer the highest level of dental care. The philosophy of the institution is concern for the comfort of patients and a constant search for modern treatment methods.

Today the clinic is proud of its achievements and continuously strives for new heights in dentistry. BiodentMyanma is not just a clinic, it is a story of a successful journey to quality dental care and bright, healthy smiles for its patients.

about us


Our story began back in 2005 with the inspired idea of Dr. Alexander Biohard to create a place where dental health care would be combined with innovative treatment methods. When BiodentMyanma was just starting out, we were already wondering how we could make dental treatment more accessible, comfortable and of high quality for our patients.

We started with a small team of dentists who share a common passion for professionalism and excellence. Our first steps were aimed at training, searching for advanced technologies and creating an atmosphere where each patient could feel truly cared for and cared for.

From our earliest days, we have strived to combine outstanding medical care and personalized care. Then, as now, our goal is to create a place where smiles are transformed, patient care is an art, and where every step is filled with the desire to be better. This was the beginning of our journey to becoming what we are today - your dedicated and trusted dental partners.


Our Team

Our team at BiodentMyanma is a collection of exceptional professionals with a passion for creating perfect smiles and providing high-quality dental care. The doctors on our team are specialists with an in-depth understanding of their fields, with a constant readiness for professional growth and learning.

Each member of our team not only has deep knowledge in the field of dentistry, but also adheres to a philosophy of care and individual treatment of each patient. Our team works together as one to provide a level of service that meets our high standards.

We are proud that our team contains bright individuals who are able to create a friendly and supportive atmosphere in our clinic. Our goal is not just to provide dental services, but to be your trusted partners in caring for your oral health. BiodentMyanma is not just a clinic, it is a family of doctors ready to make your visit comfortable and productive.

Dr. Emilia Burki

A doctor with exquisite taste and extensive experience in dental treatment. Specializes in therapeutic treatment and aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Lucas Schmidt

A doctor with an impeccable sense of proportions, specializing in orthodontics. Takes care of the correct position of teeth and a beautiful smile.

Dr. Natalia Walter
Implant surgeon

A doctor with strong surgical skills, specializing in dental implantation. Provides reliable solutions for restoring lost teeth.




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